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logo_redroseinspirationSedona AZ (October 18, 2013) – The unique, newly founded Emergency Medical Fund For Felines and Canines is collaboration between Red Rose Inspiration For Animals and Angie’s House. Angie’s House is a Cottonwood organization that provides affordable transitional housing for people with pets who have fallen upon hard times. Many of these people would rather live in their vehicles than give up their pets, and, more often than not, when their pet requires medical attention, they are unable to afford veterinary services. Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Dr. Brady of Tumbleweed Animal Hospital in Cottonwood, and Angie’s House created this program so that these pets receive the medical care that they need.

20131018_Em-imageRed Rose started this program in May 2013 on a limited budget and has raised money from their events and private donations. To date Red Rose has paid over $3,600 in financial assistance. These pets would not have otherwise been able to receive medical treatment if it was not for Tina Allegrezza (President and Founder of Red Rose Inspiration for Animals) initiating this program.

When Tina and Angela Lozano of Angies’ House met and discussed how pets were suffering because their owners were unable to find the monies to cover the vet services, and that pets should be able to receive medical care regardless, and what needed to be accomplished for that to happen. Angela informed Tina that because some pet owners were not in a financial position to get any medical treatment immediately, the pet’s condition would deteriorate and therefore more treatment would be required incurring higher costs, and that the pet’s life would be in jeopardy.

They started the program asking the pet owners to contribute towards the visit only to discover that most of them did not have any money. Red Rose has out of necessity paid the remaining 98% of medical expenses. As Red Rose and Angie’s House had both worked with Tumbleweed Animal Hospital, they approached Dr. Brady about the program and he was thrilled to help by offering discounted services assisting these animals that so desperately needed treatment and care.

The majority of the pets only required an office visit, medication and/or special prescription pet food; some required treatments for parvo, a snake bite, an open wound, and such; and two felines, who were found near death, survived with treatments and fluid therapy. Without this program a majority of these pets would have died.

Red Rose has donation banks at locations in Sedona to help raise money for this particular fund. Current locations are Biddles Nursery, Sedona Paint Center, Famous Pizza, IGA Webers, Sedona Pet Supply, Oak Creek Brewery and Redrock Precision Motors, with more to come.

Red Rose Inspiration For Animals is honored to have recently been awarded a grant by the Sedona Community Foundation for a third consecutive year. This grant will help enhance and expand this program, but the need to help so many others is still in demand and the support of the community is very much needed to continue to help animals who need emergency medical care.

Red Rose does not have a facility to take in animals at this time. Their main objective is to raise funds for animal rescue and continue to reduce animal suffering. Red Rose has many programs that provide free services for animals as follows: The TNR Feral Cat Program, which provides free spay and neuter for Feral Cats in Camp Verde; Free Spay and Neuter Program for felines and canines when the pet owners are unable to afford these low cost services at clinics; The Pitty Party Program – a collaboration with Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary to offer free spay and neuter to pit bulls and pit mixes in the Verde Valley has received its second grant from The Sedona Community Foundation.

Another way Red Rose has decided to raise money for their Emergency Medical Fund is through their “In Honor Of A Beloved Pet” Program. If you or a loved one has recently lost a pet, consider making a donation to Red Rose in the pet’s honor. They will send out a sympathy card, along with a beautifully handcrafted stained glass paw print made by one of their talented artists, Karen of the Crimson Fairy. This paw print can be displayed on a rear view mirror, a window or even outside on the pet’s favorite tree.

Red Rose is an all volunteer 501(c)3 based nonprofit in Sedona and 100% of all donations go directly into these funds to help the animals. If you would like to support animal rescue with Red Rose, please visit their website at and click on donations, or send a check to Red Rose Inspiration For Animals, P.O Box 74, Sedona, AZ 86339, and note on the check the program of your choice.

Thank you for supporting Animal Rescue and Red Rose Inspiration for Animals!