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logo_internationalcityofpeaceSedona AZ (March 26, 2015) – The World Peace Flame was passed to members of the Sedona International City of Peace Team on March 20 in the Peace Garden of the Sedona Creative Life Center.  Eileen Tanne, a visitor to Sedona from Florida and a recipient of the World Peace Flame at a private ceremony in Florida, arranged for members of the Sedona International City of Peace Team to receive the flame.

20150326_Peace-Flame-Tanne-to-MaloneyThe World Peace Flame has been burning since July 1999, when seven flames, lit by eminent peacemakers on five continents, were flown by military and commercial aircraft to the United Kingdom, according to information on the website The flames were brought together and united into one flame in Bangor, North Wales. A flame has now been lit in every country of the world. 

The flame is also being passed from person to person and lit by thousands of people daily as a dedication to peace. The now legendary World Peace Flame, a universal symbol for global peace and unity, is bringing hope to millions of people worldwide. The World Peace Flame unites ancient and modern cultures by expressing the fundamental aspirations of both – the hope for peace.

Eileen Tanne has served on the board of the East Florida chapter of the US National Committee for UN Women where she created a labyrinth meditation for women’s empowerment and developed other “Women of Passion and Purpose” activities fostering peace and change in the world.  In passing the World Peace Flame to Judy Maloney, founding member of the Sedona International City of Peace Committee, Tanne said, ” I love Sedona and have visited it often. It seems appropriate that the World Peace Flame should be spread throughout this wonderful community.”

Sedona was established as a City of Peace by the International Cities of Peace (ICOP) in June 2012, making it the 35th city to be so recognized around the world.  Today there are over 100 cities of peace under the umbrella of ICOP.  The Sedona International City of Peace promotes a culture of peace through events and projects that seek to raise consciousness, expand connections, and engage our community.  According to Maloney, “Sedona, along with our magnificent red rocks, has been a place of peace and healing for the indigenous Native American peoples who walked this land for generations, as well as our residents and the millions of visitors who journey here each year.  We envision Sedona as a place where people respect and listen to each other, celebrate the diversity of backgrounds, opinions and expressions, and come together to take action for the greater good of our community and the world. This world peace flame will be passed to our peacekeepers in our community.” For more info on Sedona as an International City of Peace, visit, and