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ADOT Has  Told Us That We Will Own The Road One Way or Another

Sedona, AZ (October 12, 2011)

Dear Sedona Voter:

The referendum for Proposition 410 was proposed by the group called Let the People Vote on 89A and so, on November 8th, we really do need to LET THE PEOPLE VOTE and have it be meaningful! Your voice is important because the result of this referendum can determine the future character of West Sedona.

Some may try to discourage you from voting, saying that your vote has no meaning because the agreement between ADOT and the City are void and the money is gone. Not true!

The filing of the petition for referendum had the effect of freezing the City’s ability to move forward with the route transfer. We are exercising our constitutional rights in this election. The process has stopped until we the people approve or disapprove our Council’s decision.

A YES vote ensures that we will have the potential of creating a roadway that is beautiful, safe, user friendly, and compatible with our natural beauty. A YES vote means that what is done with OUR road, and the 32 foot right of way on either side of the roadway, may be designed for the best interests of Sedona. Our road, our choice!

ADOT has already told us that we will own the road one way or another and that, after the community vote, they are open to negotiating a “new route transfer agreement.” Translation: if you vote YES, ADOT will come back to the bargaining table and discuss a new agreement and financial package. They want to get rid of the road. They are seeking to turn back state highways going through cities all over Arizona. Support our council’s decision to take over our main street on our terms, not ADOT’s.



Scott Jablow

Sedona Resident

The opinions expressed above are my own and do not reflect any organization or commissions of which I am part.