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Cottonwood AZ (July 14, 2017) – The Verde Village Property Owners Association (VVPOA) held their monthly Board meeting last Monday and made significant changes to their leadership. Vice-President Christina Kinderman was voted in as the new President, a position that had been left open this past month due to the abrupt resignation of the previous Board President. Christina’s change in status also opened up a position for a second Unit 5 Director, which was filled by former Board member Gene Carrigan. The position for a second Unit 6 Director was filled by Kathy Bucher, another former Board member. Kathy has also volunteered to resume her prior position as Chef and Kitchen Manager for the Friday Night Dinners which the Board hopes to resume this Fall. In addition, Unit 3 Director Rose Sperry was duly elected to fill the vacancy of Vice-President.

President Christina Kinderman says “I am so proud of this Board! We had a difficult start but everyone has been pulling together as a cohesive unit. Our Main Hall is scheduled for events every weekend through July and into August. Our Members Pool is getting lots of use, and many folks are joining the Association poolside. We’re repairing things that were in disrepair, such as the swamp coolers, and updating others. Thanks to the generosity of one of our members, we had the pool surround painted. Another member donated new chairs and umbrellas for the pool. We’re looking forward, and the future looks good.

“We would like to extend an open invitation to any Verde Village resident interested in bettering our Community to please contact us at (928) 646-6505, by email to, through our website at, or by stopping by our office at 4855 E Broken Saddle Drive in Unit 5.”

Meet the Board:
Christina Kinderman, President; Rose Sperry, Vice-President and Unit 3 Director; Tina Gozdan, Treasurer & Acting Secretary; Barbara Haynes, Unit 1 Director; John Buchanan, Unit 2 Director; June Hayes, Unit 4 Director; Christine Talbot, Unit 5 Director; Gene Carrigan, Unit 5 Director; Alex Gozdan, Unit 6 Director; Kathy Bucher, Unit 6 Director; Bob Buck, Unit 8 Director