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Tommy Acosta

Having grown up in the Bronx in New York City, Tommy Acosta was no stranger to the sounds of police sirens, fire engines, people laughing, singing, dancing and even fighting in the streets. His early life was exciting, colorful and full of family and pleasant times.

Now, Tommy writes for, a Sedona cyber-news outlet that has become a reading staple of the community.

Tommy also plays with an original rock vocal group called “Green Light” formally the “Tommy Chicky J.R. Band.”


Dr. Marta Adelsman

Dr. Marta Adelsman practices in the Verde Valley as a Life Coach in Communication and Consciousness.  She received her doctorate in Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and her Life Coach training from The Institute for Global Listening and Communication.

Dr. Marta is available for individual and couples coaching.  Write her at or call 928-451-9482.


James Bishop, Jr.

James Bishop, Jr. is an author and creative writing instructor. Bishop is committed to grass roots organizing, the arts and environmental sanity.

In addition to creating screenplays and novels, Bishop is actively advancing the cause of Sedona Recycles, Keep Sedona Beautiful, public art, and Vision Sedona, the nonpartisan citizens group. His creative writing classes are ongoing at various Elderhostel locations, Northern Arizona University, Yavapai College and the Canyon Moon Theatre in the Factory Outlets in the Village of Oak Creek.

Bishop’s newest book, The Pink Nectar Cafe is available at on

Contact him at


Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll is a writer whose work appears online in blogs, news sites, and on his own website, He offers these articles knowing that all that is true – all truth already resides in the heart mind of the reader. With this reminder, Tom’s wish is simply that every reader would feel secure in the fact that he or she possesses all any person needs to enjoy a sense of purpose and peace of mind. Tom travels much of the time but makes his home in a beautiful small town in Eastern Oregon.

Tom Carroll’s latest book, “The Oracle: Guidance for Growing a Soul” is available online at and in Sedona at the Center for the New Age.

Contact Tom Carroll.


Paul Chevalier is a retired Senior Executive of a major retailer where he was responsible for law and personnel. He holds a Degree in Government from Columbia College, a Law Degree from Columbia Law School and Business Degrees from both Columbia and Harvard Business Schools. Mr. Chevalier has served the City of Sedona as a member of the Arts & Culture Commission, the Personnel Board, and the Youth Commission Study Committee, as well as serving on the Sedona Community Foundation.

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Artist, Photographer & Author in Sedona, AZ. Founder of Atlanta Models & Talent and Georgia’s first film representative. “Many people ask “WHY?” I always seemed to ask “WHY NOT?””

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With more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience to her credit, Mary Cravets is a sought-after presenter who makes everyone in the room feel like she is speaking directly to them with her engaging, down-to-Earth style. She delivers compelling, practical topics in a way that not only gives participants simple, actionable ideas, but also the clarity and motivation to put them into practice right away.

Mary is a Business Coach and Speaker who works with highly driven small business owners who are tired of working all the time, and who want their business to run like a well oiled machine and get paid what they’re worth. Mary’s entrepreneurial journey includes successful careers in Real Estate, Direct Sales, business-to-business Networking Events and now Business Coaching.

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Ted Grussing

“I developed a strong interest in photography when I was nine years old and by age fourteen had my own darkroom and was engaged in professional photography. Photography has been a constant in my life.

My work is focused on the beauty that surrounds each of us every day. Most images are taken of subjects and in lighting that is ever changing. The beauty is there for all to see if you but take the time to look and this is what I share with others … the transient beauty found.” 



Gary Krupa

Gary Krupa is a CPA in Arizona, with more than twenty-five years experience providing accounting, tax, audit and computer services to organizations of all sizes. He’s especially attentive to the needs of his clients. He moved to Rimrock, Arizona in late May 2008. He has offices in Rimrock and Peoria, AZ.

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Barbara Mayer

Barbara Mayer is an InterFaith/InterSpiritual cleric, author and teacher who resides in Sedona, Arizona.


Mr. Smith

“To put it succinctly, I am a member of the One Percent with a very different perspective on issues 99 Percenters might find troubling.”