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By Ted Grussing

… a common phrase when describing the landings of gymnasts and this Great Blue Heron has certainly stuck his landing too. I’ve got about 20 shots in this landing sequence of which most are prior to this first contact with the earth; this shot shows the incredible focus he has on making the landing and the strength of outstretched wings providing braking power like landing flaps on aircraft … I always love the feel when I am riding in a commercial jet as they lower the gear and deploy the flaps … feels like they have hit the brakes and ditto here. His body is canted back and the legs are starting to absorb the energy of landing and coming to a complete stop. A fun shot.


I flew this morning, but this time there was a lot of water vapor in the sky, some smoke and some ozone so that by the time I got to 12,000′ the landscape was getting hazed out. Spent some time cruising around Kendrick peak as they have lifted the TFR which had a floor of 12,000′. Got some neat shots which I am sharing with the FS. Also got a link from Brian to a video that Scott (Prescott National Forest) did regarding the prescribed burn which was aborted last Saturday and he discusses the purpose of that fire and what can be accomplished by a fire like that. It is worth a listen and hope you will take the time to view it. Nice job Scott!

My boat was loaded on a truck today and is officially making the journey to Arizona from Minnesota. Every boat needs a name and I have settled on a name for this one and it is a descriptive name … “Not Yacht” and I will be painting the name on her when she arrives … in matching camo of course. Really excited about this and the shots I will be able to get from water level.

Seems strange, but it is into the weekend for me and I’ll be back Monday morning … some more flying on tap, outings with One, going to a Goo Goo Dolls concert at the Comerica Theater in Phoenix on Sunday and I think perhaps a trip down to Phoenix on Friday too … maybe. Life is good, it is also fleeting so enjoy it and the company of others whilst you are breathing … and smile … you are alive and that is terrific!



The green of all the fields is mine, the stars, the night, the wind at play,
A peaceful heart, while quietly
I go my way
— Max Ehrmann



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