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logo_lettereditorBy John Roberts, Sedona Resident
(September 2, 2017)

Two letters were published by the Sedona Red Rock News in the 9/1/17 issue. One was from Debra Williams and the other from Lenore Kerr expressing thanks to the fire district personnel for helping them when they needed it. Both cases illustrate what we all know. I certainly do from my own experiences. These front line women and men are quality people rendering professional service and they deserve our respect and support without reservation.

But, by no means should we be so gullible to apply this approval to the members of the fire district board nor certainly to fire chief Kazian. Their level of management of the district activity is self serving and incompetent That’s becoming very evident in the commentary from the Arizona Liberty organization who oppose the proposed bond issue and the format and methods of the present district. This group of citizens is exposing the district as leading us into wasteful and excessive taxation with no real benefits what-so-ever in sight.

If you know any of the members of Arizona Liberty as I do you will comprehend and agree to their totally honest interest for the good to our community. They are real leaders highly intelligent well informed citizens with stellar resumes as background. We can all benefit by paying attention to their statements and program as they make us better prepared to be informed voters this November about the bond. And more importantly later whenever the membership of the fire board is again subject to our voting.

Keep tuned in. A disaster can be avoided.