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logo_lettereditorBy John Roberts, Sedona Resident
(December 1, 2017)

” Chief speaks on failed bond ” was the front page headline of 11/21.. But he didn’t. Chief Kazian instead bored us for 20 minutes at the board called 11/15 meeting by repeating the fire district’s sales propaganda used before the bond election. As we all know that failed to persuade the voting taxpayers by a sound 3 to 2 margin.

We heard no explanation from him for why the bond issue failed as had been advertised in the call for the meeting.

That wasn’t bad enough. Because it was compounded with Kazian also conducting a charade enacted by each of the fire district 5 board members. Their acting can only be described as embarrassing for the fawning commentary we heard from them lavishing their praise on the chief for his performance. What performance ?? His was bad enough that it was one of the reasons why we rejected the bond. As to the pathetic outpourings by each board member they were identical in content as Kazian kept prompting them on with his nods of approval

Obviously all prearranged.

The main reason the bond failed was a combination of incompetent preparation of the bond contents by the Ernster led citizens advisory committee and Kazian’s botched and inept promotion of it.

The above convinces most of us that we need a new fire district management. Control can happen next November when 3 of the 5 board members are up for election. Until then keep tuned in to Arizona Liberty and Sedona’s media so real facts reach you. In the meantime be particularly alert because the current fire board has promised in January to attempt a dose of shenanigans to mislead us into and then soak us with more taxation.