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Monday, June 29th, 2015

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New York City, The intersection of Greenwich and Liberty. We’d just walked through the Twin Tower Memorial. The recessed fountains, rimmed as they are with brass – engraved with the names of the dead. Water, ever flowing. Down and down again.

Fourteen years have passed. The bitter ache no longer rising. Something of a milestone. Here of all places, I thought. Yes, time had done that thing that time does – making hard things easier. I felt it, yes – body memory moved things inside. But the intensity has faded. Like most, I was nowhere near when the towers fell. Yet, like most I “took it personal.”

But I wasn’t there… could count with a few fingers the number of times I’d been in the city. I knew no one who had died. Still, there was all that emotion – we all felt it, all had things to say and we said them, and said them again.

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A Fish Story

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

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A story is told of a fish swimming toward two younger fish. As it swims by, the older fish says to the younger ones, “How’s the water, boys?” Swimming on for awhile, one young fish turns to the other and asks, “What the hell is water?”

The point of the story is that the most important things are often the hardest to see, the most difficult to talk about or explain. Spiritual awakening – enlightenment… what do these terms really mean? Short of years spent in monastic retreat, can anyone know? Are we like these fish, and enlightenment, an ocean of water so close that we can’t see it? These are two more questions no one can answer to the satisfaction of everyone.

What we do, or can have is an experience. It is accessible to all, and all who share the experience arrive at an understanding that answers some – at least these last two questions. Read More→

Tom Cropped
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HERITAGE – An Award Winning, Cinematic Short – Written and Directed by Davy McCall
A Review and Commentary.

It’s short – short like a knife. Yet, seventeen minutes tell the story of countless generations. The story of a family divided by their misdeeds. One family – now two distinct cultures, and still together – bound to each other by conflict. In seventeen minutes, Heritage tells the story of two men – each driven to violence by acts of violence. McCall uses a mixture of his characters individual experience and collective, cultural history of loss to bring two men and the audience to a startling realization – one that changes everything. It’s an understanding that could reconcile bitter enemies. However, this realization is fragile, easily subverted by anyone with anything to gain from violence – those who hide themselves and silence their enemies with guns and knives. Read More→
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Tom Cropped

(#TheOracle March 18, 2015) – Among the selections, many who attended this years Sedona, International Film Festival sat in on multiple screening of Rooted In Peace. In this award winning, energetic quest for answers, filmmaker Greg Reitman takes viewers on a journey, crisscrossing the world and into the presence of notables, Deepak Chopra, and Desmond Tutu. Viewers hear the words and music of, Pete Seeger, Donovan, and Beach Boy, singer, songwriter, Mike Love. These and more share the experience of their lives as it applies to the central question: Peace – why is it so illusive? What will bring peace to our increasingly un-peaceful world? Also introduced to viewers is Britta, woman of personal interest to Greg. Soon the two are married and life goes on. Read More→

Intuition – The Human Internet !

Monday, February 9th, 2015
With Co-Author: Catherine Carrigan


Intuition.  Though familiar – even common to all; intuition is not very well understood – yet! With help from Author, Catherine Carrigan, let’s explore this powerful, sensory ability.

Who of us has not said, “Oh, if I had only listened to my intuition!” Failing to follow advice freely given, we fall into a ditch on one side or miss an opportunity on the other. And there are those happy times when we do just as we “knew” we should – we follow the advice of the, “Still Small Voice” and see questions answered and situations turn out for the best.

Intuition. Few argue about its existence, though debate rages as to its authority, authenticity and origin. But what is it? Could it be true that extra-ordinary guidance is available to soccer moms and dads – to work-a-day people with no particular interest in psychic phenomenon? Part of the answer to these questions – the part this article will focus on is that intuition is not “extra ordinary.” Can this statement be supported? Yes, just as easily as I made it. Proof comes from the fact that everyone has had an intuitive moment – an unmistakable, intuitive experience. Something that everyone has experienced simply cannot be said be, extra-ordinary. Intuition, however difficult it might be to explain, is common. Its commonality is the proof needed to call it ordinary, as compared to things extra-ordinary! Intuition… wonderfully and quite simply, ordinary!

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51218625.pbaseFranceLarocheDysTomCarroll3[1]By Tom Carroll
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(August 5, 2014) – I posted a video on Facebook yesterday – As a defense of Israel, it was satisfying in its clarity – explaining the current situation in a way that made it impossible to misunderstand Israels actions this past two weeks – these most current hostilities as they relate to recent history and serve as predictors of the future. However complicated the ultimate solution may be – however long that region of the world may have to wait for a durable peace – Israel holds the moral high ground and with it, justification for whatever may need to be done to preserve sovereignty and protect it’s citizens. Good guys and bad guys. Black and white. At a time when so little is clear, I found satisfaction in this video’s and my own conclusion that Israel was fighting the good fight. However many Palestinians might die that night, the Israeli army are the good guys. They were my team! I slept well. Read More→


Sunday, March 10th, 2013

The Wooden Bowl – Revisited

Sunday, February 24th, 2013 
February 24, 2013  
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The Wooden Bowl – Revisited

I beg your pardon, if I’ve I dropped my fork. Smile with me please, as my feet stumble and I trip over a word and miss when reaching for a thought.

What follows is a story you may have heard before. It leaves the reader with a mixture of feelings, depending upon your point of view – your own thoughts and actions. The original story is attributed to a great man, Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy. So, know that I intend no disrespect. But I have added some thoughts that turn the story up-side down at the end. Tolstoy’s version goes like this: Read More→

This “Thing” Called Love

Thursday, February 14th, 2013 
February 14, 2013  
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Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. Couples, hopeful suitors, friends and family members are professing and accepting expressions of love. In each case love means something different.

There is so much packed into the word, the practice and the concept of love that we’ll never begin to see anything close to its meaning if we don’t take it out beyond our everyday, human sized understanding. In a previous article posted here and titled “Loves Got a Hold on You!, Love was seen to be, not just universal. Possibly much more startling, the idea was introduced that it is a Universe pervading, fifth force like gravity, responsible for self organization of the material and living worlds. So let’s look from a place approximating that altitude again.

Love most often shows up in one of two ways. Comparing them will help us see both what is confusing as well as the best of love as our heart and understanding matures. Read More→

Love’s Got a Hold On You!

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 
February 03, 2013  
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When spiritual and religious authors write that “God is love,” they often use the Greek word, Agape. Agape is safe. It suggests unconditional love, either from God or a really spectacular friend! Toss in a couple more Greek words for love, philia and storge, and we’re still safe. A friend for a friend and a mother’s love for a child. All three of these words are under control – our control. Just the way we like it. Read More→

Spiritual Partners

Sunday, January 20th, 2013 
January 20 2013  
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A spiritual partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. This agreement between two people places the growth of their souls above the convenience of a “comfortable,” conventional relationship.

Speaking of, and referring to material contained in his latest book,  author, Gary Zukov tells readers that a new and surprising world is emerging that requires each of us to explore the sources of our love and cultivate them while observing the inner sources of all that prevents us from loving and feeling loved. The root of these blocks are our fears. However, for those who are ready, a conscious relationship between spiritual partners can place us on the fast track to healing. Our evolution has taken a new path, and our relationships are changing in unexpected and dramatic ways. Fear has no place here – too bad it’s still so scary! Help may come from this new view of relationship – seeing them as constructive partnerships with a larger purpose than romance and even equal to the challenge of raising a family. Read More→

Better Than We Think!

Sunday, January 13th, 2013 
January 13 2013  
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Last week I wrote the piece titled: “Depression. Helpful? Who’d have Thought!” The reactions it generated were instructive. First, depression is not an uplifting topic – even though I wrote of having seen that it is merely the dark side of an important truth. Then I said that all of temporal existence is empty – which, if not understood sounds really depressing!

What we want is freedom. What we often get is the feeling that things are not going our way – that freedom is farther from our grasp now, at this point in life, than when we started out feeling young and full of possibility! Good news awaits! Read More→ 
January 6 2013  
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This fall I experienced something new. With winters approach, I felt depressed. More and more often, by late afternoon dark feelings and unspecific notions of dread colored my thoughts. As time went on, these feelings intensified. I finally realized that, as others had described and I had never before felt, I was depressed! I was seriously unhappy about everything inside and out. Some might say that there were plenty of reasons to feel this way. It had been a stressful year for all of us with difficult news coming daily regarding our national finances, election uncertainties, and everything from the Occupy movement to the so-called Arab spring where bullets and bombs, not spring rain fell from the sky! Now, the warmth of summer had given way to winter cold. Threatening news was being reported from every quarter. And I turned fifty nine. Read More→

Not Just Another New Year!

Sunday, December 30th, 2012
December 30, 2012
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Abundance. The word means more than enough. Not necessarily piles and piles of money and supplies but all that you really need, and at least a little more. Prosperity seems to mean something similar, but with a slight difference. This word suggests the continuing condition of abundance. So once you possess abundance, you want to couple it with prosperity – those conditions that sustain abundance. Let’s call them A&P like the supermarket chain located in some parts of the country – an appropriate metaphor and a little quicker to refer to as I write.

Ideas of abundance change from person to person and from time to time. A superficial understanding of A&P will most often bring to mind money. Though not a bad place to start, it does not adequately cover the concept. A person stranded far from support systems may need food and water that no amount of money could purchase because there are no stores or water to drink. A person experiencing failing health may have the care of the best doctors, but as conditions deteriorate, the already highly paid doctor’s skill does not increase with another infusion of cash. And, any one of us – each one of us needs a true friend – something that money cannot buy. Read More→

“Mary, We call it Christmas!”

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 
December 23, 2012   
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Christmas is coming. Already here, in a sense. Everyone that can is taking Monday off. Parties are in full swing and gifts are receiving last minute attention – wrapping, bows and ribbons. I have just one question.

“Mary… Did you know? Yes, it’s that line… from that song. But, did you? Did anyone have any idea what would flow from a questioned birth, a tumultuous life and the death of one young man? Read More→

End of the World… NOT!

Friday, December 21st, 2012 
December 21, 2012   
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Friends and Fellow Survivors of the End of the World!

 News in from friends in England: Prime Meridian, GMT +0:00 its 10:00 PM and the world still exists… so they think. They just happen to live close to Stonehenge. This is another fortunate circumstance and solid indicator. If the world had ended – surely it would have ended at Stonehenge first… Right? Read More→

All The Weeks Before Christmas!

Sunday, December 16th, 2012 
December 16, 2012   
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Are you ready? No, I don’t mean Christmas. Are you ready for life? Again, no – not me! I never have been. I never knew what to expect. Short of preparing for the worst, how can you be ready for the unknown and the unexpected? And having prepared for the worst – how can we enjoy all the good that comes our way? “Ya, that was pretty good but you never know what terrible thing might be coming next!”

And just look at the vegetative and animal world – how they protect themselves. Hard as a nut, we say. Thick hides and claws, venom and jaws! Old Lady Natures pack’en and protected! Read More→

Voodoo Cross

Sunday, December 9th, 2012 
December 9, 2012   
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  “I told the witch doctor, I was in love with you. The Witch Doctor told me – he told me what to do. Ooh eeh, ooh ah, ah. 

David Seville. Witch Doctor. “Ting tang, walla walla, bing bang? Takes you right back, doesn’t it!  But that’s just a pop song.

Then there’s Malidome Patrice Some’, a West African man, kidnapped by French missionaries as a child and later returned to his family where he is re-initiated into tribal society. In his book, Malidome tells the story of being catapulted into another world – like the other side of Alice’s looking glass. One moment he’s dancing with the other men on hard ground. Next, it’s his turn to jump through a hole between two animal skins held by the village Shaman and wham! He’s falling through space. It’s completely dark except for a lattice work of light beams. Without being told anything, Malidome knows that he must grab and hold onto a strand of light or continue falling – forever lost to the “real world”. Ding, dang! Major, “bing bang!” Jumping through an inter-dimensional portal? Latticework’s of light where just a moment ago his pals were standing? Read More→

A Blind Man in Space

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 
December 2, 2012   
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A recent trip to Israel generated the following account of a day in the Holy Land – not so unlike any other land. Not unlike most other days filled with random acts of chaos.

… Just reaching out from warm, sunny Israel with all its blooming flowers. I drove down to the Dead Sea yesterday afternoon. Down in that lowest spot on earth I thought to myself… “The Dead Sea might really be dead and you’d never know for sure because it’s preserved by all that salt. ” I never thought of it quite like that before! Read More→

A Letter to My Brother

Sunday, November 25th, 2012 
November 25, 2012  
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A Letter to My Brother,

The postman left a box yesterday but I was napping on the couch and didn’t hear the screen door open or close. So it was not until this morning when I gathered the nerve to brave the morning chill  and ran to the car for a book that I had left, that I noticed the delivery. Passing it on the way out the door… mentally, I ran through the possibilities. I was not expecting anything ‑ nothing ordered. Nothing left in Sandpoint that had not been mailed down. Then it came to me. It was the week after Thanksgiving ‑ I had a fruitcake on my porch! Snatching it up on my pass back through the door I used a knife to slice away tape, freeing the box flaps and foam packing. And there it was, protected and perfect with a card on top. Read More→