logo_lettereditorInformation & Perspective by Warren Woodward
(February 4, 2018)

Because of a letter APS is currently sending to customers, I’ve gotten several inquiries from APS customers asking about APS’s new rate plans and which one they should choose if they want to keep their analog meter.

Not all customers have gotten APS’s confusing letter about picking a new rate plan but rest assured, you will. 

 The letter is confusing because APS uses BS corporate psy-op language calling both analog and non-transmitting digital meters “non-standard meters.” APS and other utilities around the nation are using this language to legitimize “smart” meters as their “standard meter” and to marginalize other meters (and the customers who want those) as “non-standard.” It also subtly sets up a justification for extra charges to those customers by messaging that non-standard customers aren’t “normal” and deserve to be charged more. Read More→