By Ted Grussing

… ‘twas a fun flight down to Wickenburg this morning and multiple snow showers in the Bradshaw Mountains added to the beauty of the journey. The Lambada was left in a large hangar awaiting its turn and tomorrow the sanding begins. Eric picked me up and we drove up into the foothills of the Bradshaw’s as I wanted to show him the desert strip we affectionately dubbed Turf North. It was a forest service dirt strip about five miles north of Lake Pleasant that we used as a backup when we were flying our sailplanes (no engine) in case we couldn’t get up and over the Bradshaw’s when we were going North to the Peaks or other places up here and we didn’t have the altitude to safely make it back to Turf Soaring which is about four miles S of the Lake. It is a short strip probably not much over 1200 feet and about 20’ obstructions on both ends … currently in not good condition. I landed there three times over the years and it was great to be back there again … voluntarily and arriving on the ground. You can tell from the photo it is not an area hospitable to incoming sailplanes needing an area to land … only Turf North … I do not know if I would choose it either now.

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