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The Mayor Owes No One An Apology

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Sedona AZ (October 27, 2013) -I don’t usually write in the first person but I’m making an exception this time because this is personal.


Sedona Mayor Rob Adams was recently criticized in a Red Rock News editorial offering him space to explain his walking out on an Aug 14 City Council meeting in protest over a vote the mayor felt was a great harm to the community.

The same editorial calls for an apology from the mayor to the people of Sedona for having done so. Read More→

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logo_popupgallery2Sedona AZ (October 27, 2013) – For an artist, finding a distinctive “voice” – a recognizable style or look – is the key to becoming recognized as established and collectible.  Hillside’s Pop Up Sedona Gallery in November features two prominent examples in highly divergent mediums – artists whose sophistication and proficiency are unmistakable and whose stature is solid and enduring. Read More→

logo_redroseinspirationSedona AZ (October 27, 2013) – If you believe one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then you will not want to miss Red Rose Inspiration for Animals’ first “Rummage for Rescue” on Saturday, November 2nd at the Olde Sedona Bar and Grill, 1405 West Hwy 89A, Sedona.

Come on by between 9a.m. and 3p.m. and shop at the rummage sale for lots of great stuff, including clothes, shoes, linens, and much more. There will be plenty to choose from and your support will make a difference in the community, one animal at a time. Read More→

Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

By Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros, Latino Services Librarian

logo_sedonapubliclibrarySedona AZ (October 27, 2013) – Every human group has a way to remember the dead. Día de los Muertos [Day of the Dead] is predominantly celebrated in Mexico and Central America, and more recently by Mexican Americans in the United States. During this celebration, it is believed that the almas [soul/spirit] of the dead are allowed to return home to visit with their living family or friends during the length of the celebration. Read More→