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By Carol Rizzi, Sedona Resident
(October 15, 2013)

logo_lettereditorIt’s important to note education is a privilege not a right.  It starts at home with the obligation of parents to instill their children with the value, benefit and joy of learning, partnered by teachers to inspire students.  A lifetime lesson is self-reliance, personal responsibility and self -motivation.  Have parents, teachers and those favoring the budget override stressed these values in their children? Read More→

logo_hornsaloonCamp Verde AZ (October 15, 2013) – The Horn restaurant, in downtown Camp Verde, Arizona, is pleased to present a Kingdom of the Spiders Reunion event on Saturday October 26th starting at 6pm.

The cult classic, Kingdom of the Spiders was filmed in downtown Camp Verde in 1977, starring the town of Camp Verde and William Shatner. The movie follows the story of vet Rack Hansen, played by Shatner, and his attempt to save Camp Verde from being overtaken by tarantulas. Read More→

Letter to the Editor:
Yes on Budget Override

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

By Hiroko A. Miyakawa, Ph.D., Retired Educator
(October 15, 2013)

Dear Editor,

logo_lettereditorA vote for the Sedona-Oak Creek School District is a vote for the City of Sedona. The relationship between our school district and our city is symbiotic. Specifically, it is a relationship that mutually benefits the two municipal entities in Sedona. We all recognize that a good school system typifies a good city. Conversely, a poor school system reflects a city with problems. Sedona has a school system that exemplifies its citizenry and the goals that they had for themselves as well as their children and grandchildren. Read More→

Sedona AZ (October 15, 2013) – The Village of Oak Creek has joined Sedona and Bisbee in expressing concerns to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) about “smart” meters. A standing room only crowd filled the October 10th Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting room to discuss and vote on a resolution regarding “smart” electric meters. Big Park has 28 voting members representing the Village of Oak Creek.

The resolution requests a no-fee, community-wide right of “smart” refusal until such time that truly independent testing and auditing has proven that “smart” meters are both safe and fiscally prudent for ratepayers. Read More→

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