Letter to the Editor: El Rojo Ranch Victory

Friday, January 18th, 2019
By Trish Jahnke
(January 17, 2019)

logo_lettereditorCongratulations to everyone who played a part in this wonderful P&Z victory. 

It has been a long 5 month haul, but each of you was absolutely necessary for the vote last night at 5:15 to NOT RECOMMEND THE REZONING.  Read More→

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Sedona Film Festival presents ‘Groundhog Day’ Jan. 25

Friday, January 18th, 2019

logo_SIFFFestival and film celebrate 25 years with flashback screening at Fisher Theatre

Sedona AZ (January 18, 2019) – The Sedona International Film Festival is turning 25 this year, and to celebrate, we are rolling back the clock and bringing encore screenings of hit films from 25 years ago to the Mary D. Fisher Theatre on the 25th of each month! And better yet … we are rolling back the tickets to the admission price of 25 years ago for these special events: just $4.25 each!

This special year-long celebration continues with the anniversary screening of “Groundhog Day” on Friday, Jan. 25 at 7 p.m. at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre. Read More→

US 180 near Flagstaff can see heavy delays on peak snow-play days

logo_azdot2Flagstaff AZ (January 18, 2019) – The combination of a winter holiday weekend and recent snow can be a magnet for those looking to ski, sled or toss a few snowballs.

If you’re heading to play in the snow, be ready for the possibility that you’ll see heavy traffic and delays, especially on the trip home, in popular areas such as US 180 northwest of Flagstaff.

Leave prepared to spend more time than you may expect in winter weather. The Arizona Department of Transportation’s tips for winter driving in Arizona’s high country, available at azdot.gov/KnowSnow, include dressing for the cold and packing coats, blankets, gloves and scarves. Make sure you have a fully charged cellphone and plenty of water and snacks, and keep your tank half to three-quarters full at all times. Read More→

logo_sedonamuseum2Sedona AZ (January 18, 2019) – The Sedona Heritage Museum is hosting a special presentation on Thursday January 31 at 10:00 a.m. entitled “Amazing Irrigation Ditches of Oak Creek” with water specialist Sharon Masek-Lopez.

With a generous gift from a member, the Sedona Heritage Museum recently completed a documentation of more than 20 historic irrigation ditches along Oak Creek – from the top of the canyon to the Cup ‘O Gold area. Sharon Masek-Lopez did the work and she will be presenting a summary of what she learned at this special presentation.  Read More→

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logo_yavapaibigbrothersbigsisters20181001Prescott AZ (January 18, 2019) – Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking forward to an exciting 2019, filled with Defending the Potential of Yavapai County’s children.

They are approaching their mentoring program in new and innovative ways, with enthusiastic new staff and leadership, an incredible new look and an innovative plan to support Defenders of Potential throughout Yavapai County. This plan involves streamlined integration of information, higher quality of communication and deeper support to ensure each match’s continued success. Read More→

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The Cowardly Lion’s Moment of Courage

Friday, January 18th, 2019

By John Tamiazzo, PhD
(January 18, 2019)

John TamiazzoIn one scene from L. Frank Baum’s famous book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written in 1900, a fantastic scene that was left out of the 1939 film, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion come upon a great ditch that stops them in their tracks. It is a very wide ditch and when they creep up to the edge and look down they can see it is also very deep. The sides of this ditch are so sheer, that it appears impossible to climb down without serious injury. The four of them sit on the edge of the great ditch wondering what to do. It appears they are stuck.

Life tests our resolve again and again. Some things come easily to us and some things do not. Some goals are achieved with just a little effort and others require deep reserves of patience, determination, and ingenuity. Read More→

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Library Offers a Variety of Programs

Friday, January 18th, 2019

logo_sedonapubliclibrary3By Virginia Volkman, Library Director

Sedona AZ (January 18, 2019) – You’re sure to find something to your liking with the variety of programs that the Library is offering this month.  We’re listing a sample, most of which are offered in the Si Birch Community Room at the main library on White Bear Road in West Sedona.  The book discussion on January 29 will be at Sedona Winds in the Village of Oak Creek. Read More→

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logo_sedonafiredistrict2Sedona AZ (January 17, 2019) – Yesterday evening [January 16, 2019] Sedona Fire District responded to a report of a vehicle swept away while attempting to cross Oak Creek at a low water crossing.  One occupant was trapped inside the vehicle in the river downstream of the crossing. Water was up to the drivers window with water beginning to enter the vehicle.   E541, E561, A561, R531 and the Battalion Chief responded and immediately placed downstream rescuers in the event the occupant became separated from the vehicle. Upstream spotters were put in place to alert rescuers of any large debris coming toward the vehicle. Primary, secondary and contingency plans were developed.   Read More→

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By Ted Grussing

… or “on the job training” and that is what this Bobcat kitten is doing as it stalks prey in a neighbors garden. This was shot in 2012 and the Mom, had three young ones that she was caring for and teaching how to survive on their own and I think they all made it as they remained looking very healthy throughout the rest of the year.  I love predators, but One not so much anymore as she continues to remain strictly an indoor cat even with the door open, it is up onto the kitchen table and she views the world from her safe spot on the table where mule deer and bobcats do not roam. I miss not getting the outdoor shots of her, but not the dread that goes with having her chase bobcats. So, I guess there is a need for creative shots of her indoors.


Click to enlarge

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logo_SIFFTrue story of gifted pianist and friend of Mozart featured in film at Fisher Theatre

Sedona AZ (January 17, 2019) – The Sedona International Film Festival is proud to present the Northern Arizona premiere of the critically-acclaimed, new period biopic “Mademoiselle Paradis” Jan. 28-31 at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre.

Set in 18th century Vienna, “Mademoiselle Paradis” is the true story of Maria Paradis, a gifted piano player and friend of Mozart, who lost her eyesight as a child. Desperate to cure their talented daughter, her parents entrust Maria to the famous Dr. Franz Mesmer, whose theory about animal magnetism had attracted a wide following. Using the doctor’s controversial technique, Maria recovers her sight. Read More→